THRSim11High Level Language Debugging Support

This is version 5.30b (April 2013 ) of a Windows simulation and debug program for the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller called THRSim11. This program is free of charge!

Download THRSim11 with C support for free (13,188 kB).

You can also download a free version without C support tools. You can use this version if you only want to develop your programs in assembler code and not in C. Download THRSim11 without C support (2,015 kB).

THRSim11 is free of charge but a small payment is appreciated. 

The development of THRSim11 was started in 1992 by Harry Broeders as a hobby project. Some of the work in the project was done by his students for their graduation project but most of the work was done by Harry in his spare time. About 8 students were working on the project for half a year each, one after the other. THRSim11 was designed by:

  • Phillip Heppe: Memory, CPU, Instructionset and Disassembler.
  • Robert Brilmayer: Graphical User Interface.
  • Wilbert Bilderbeek: Ports, Timer, AD converter, IO pins, External Components, Interrupts, Special Instructions and Help.
  • Rob van Beek: Assembler, Editor, List and Disassembler windows.
  • Alex van Rooijen: Connectable Components via COM Architecture, translation of Help.
  • Bart Grootendorst: Connectable Components version 2.
  • Patrick Koorevaar: Severall connectable Components.
  • Arjan Besjis: Debug support for GNU gcc C/C++ and GNU as 68HC11 programs.
  • Harry Broeders: Architecture, Observer Pattern, User Interface, Target board communication, Connectable Components version 3, and redesign of IO, CPU, GUI, and Help.
THRSIM11 intro screen

Copyright © 2013 Harry Broeders.

THRSim11 appeared in the March 1999 issue of DrDobbs Journal