All three authors graduated  from the Rijswijk Institute of Technology.

Wilbert Bilderbeek is currently working for the Royal Dutch Navy. The main project he is working on, is a procedure trainer for one of the Dutch Navy ships. This trainer enables personnel to train specific procedures in a stand-alone version of the technical centre which will be installed on shore in Den Helder. The trainer is a copy of the original technical centre on board and has all the features that are necessary to train personnel to act in all kinds of situations like fire, leaks, etc. He works for the communications group, that designs all communication software and equipment which is being used in the technical centre. You can contact him at

Harry Broeders is currently a teacher at the Rijswijk Institute of Technology. (In Dutch: Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk). The courses he teaches are: programming and software engineering (OOP and Datastructures in C++, OOD, and OOA), computer architecture, microprocessor hard- and software using the Motorola 680x0 microprocessor family and real-time operating systems. You can contact him at or visit

Alex van Rooijen is currently working for GTI Rotterdam Industries as a system designer. He is developing software for specific traffic control applications. You can contact him at