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Interrupt vectors

In this list you can find the many interrupt vectors of the HC11. The interrupts are ranked from a low to high priority.
        cc register mask
       /   local mask
      /   /
FFC0 ? ????? reserved
FFC2 ? ????? reserved
FFC4 ? ????? reserved
FFC6 ? ????? reserved
FFC8 ? ????? reserved
FFCA ? ????? reserved
FFCC ? ????? reserved
FFCE ? ????? reserved

cc register mask / local mask / / FFD0 ? ????? reserved FFD2 ? ????? reserved FFD4 ? ????? reserved FFD6 i div. sci serial system masks: rie for SCI receive data register full rie for SCI receiver overrun ilie for SCI idle line detect tie for SCI transmit data register empty tcie for SCI transmit complete FFD8 i psie SPI serial transfer complete FFDA i paii pulse accumulator input edge FFDC i paovi pulse accumulator overflow FFDE i toi timer overflow
cc register mask / local mask / / FFE0 i oc5i timer output compare 5 FFE2 i oc4i timer output compare 4 ffe4 i oc3i timer output compare 3 FFE6 i oc2i timer output compare 2 FFE8 i oc1i timer output compare 1 FFEA i ic3i timer input capture 3 FFEC i ic2i timer input capture 2 FFEE i ic1i timer input capture 1
cc register mask / local mask / / FFF0 i rtii real time interrupt FFF2 i div. irq (external pin or parallel i/o) masks: none for external pin stai for parallel i/o handshake FFF4 x none xirq pin (pseudo non-maskable interrupt) FFF6 - none swi FFF8 - none illegal opcode trap FFFA - nocop cop timeout FFFC - cme cop clock monitor timeout FFFE - none reset

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